I was instantly drawn to the style of Darryl's quirky work and was keen to have him photograph my 6 year old son, Jack. We had a relaxed and creative shoot with Darryl instinctively knowing what would work styling-wise and putting Jack at complete ease. Darryl has a great eye and attention for detail and takes tremendous pride in his work. He guided me through the process of choosing just the right shot to run with and I was certainly not disappointed with the end result. I am beyond thrilled with my son's unique portrait. Thank you Darryl. You have given me something to treasure.

Tina Demetriou Nicolaou | March 2016

‘I have never met such a passionate & talented photographer as Darryl.  We have worked with Darryl over the last year on a commercial basis for our business and for personal images of our children.  Darryl's creative vision is the best out there, his images are 'Stand Out' and are already having a dramatic impact on our business.  We are looking forward to a long & established working relationship with Darryl.  He really is a creative genius, his personality is infectious and most importantly he puts the children at ease he works with.  One Day Older is by far the best children's photography you can find, you will have no regrets using this immensely talented photographer.’

Jenny & Garry Coulstock | February 2016

We used Darryl to take some pictures of our children based on his portfolio and the recommendation of others. We were insistent that we wanted photographs that were different and challenged the everyday norm.

Darryl has a great eye for the context the children should be pictured in and at the end of the shoot helping us choose the best pictures. It is fair to say that Darryl exceeded expectations…and the outcome was far better than we had envisaged.

If you want great photographs that are different and have enduring appeal then we strongly recommend speaking to Darryl and making the most of the capability he has to offer. He has a great approach and engages with the parents and children well in order to get the best and most importantly natural shots that really do draw out the character of the subject.

Russell & Susan Beale-Burchell

"I rang Darryl as had seen his work several months ago at the Touchwood Centre in Solihull and I took his details as immediately loved the work he did! One particular piece blew me away!

When my son, Hugo was born, I rang Darryl to see if he could capture a shot I had seen and he visited our home and discussed all the options... I immediately felt at ease and relaxed in his company. He was incredibly patient in order to get the right shot and is incredibly passionate about what he does. 

I was delighted with the outcome and would definitely recommend him! I absolutely love his work and its not the "typical run of the mill snaps" you see everywhere around.. His work is different, exciting and thought provoking!

I have an amazing picture on my wall which will take pride of place for a long time and this is all credit to Darryl. I can't wait to order my next picture and see what new ideas he comes up with".

Tracy Monk

I had such an amazing experience in the studio working with Darryl. It was great fun and something totally different that I'd never done before. I couldn't have been any happier with the end results. With such a creative, comfortable atmosphere I would recommend the experience to anyone. 

Isobel Hands

The collage of our non-identical twin girls Connie and Scarlett reflects perfectly every angle of their oh-so-very-different personalities.

Neither feigned nor contrived, the photographs, some as if stills from a film, capture and portray so much . . . From exploring, discovering, "wow" moments, to more chilled out "a penny for them" moments. From completely unguarded and totally camera oblivious moments to some slightly more camera aware moments. With smiles, affection and laughter filled moments, and even one or two more stroppy moments.

Every time I look at the collage I get drawn into the pictures, and I find myself smiling . . . as I recognise so much more than just the girls external features.

Our past experience of photographers was them telling us what will happen and how and when, then trying to talk us in to spending as much as possible. Darryl does not have a pushy bone in his body! He is extremely passionate and conscientious in his work, full of fantastic creative suggestions, but at the same time, and possibly more importantly, genuinely interested in our thoughts and ideas, always checking back and listening to our opinions every step of the way.
The girls and I found the shoots an absolute pleasure - the shoots created some great memories in themselves! 

Darryl - Thank you so much!

Miz & Andy Watkiss (Solihull)

Darryl took some beautiful and natural photos of the children while they were at Pre-School last year.  The photos he took captured the distinctive personality of each child and have been much admired by family and friends.

Andrew and Mary Carmel

'A personable experience from start to finish! Felt as if there was no limit to the service provided at a fraction of the cost for the excellent quality of the work. We will certainly be back to use Darryl as a family in the future'

Jon and Katie Beete


Having our first born in March this year was an incredibly precious time for us. We were searching for a photographer who was different to the 'norm', someone who could capture the innocence of a newborn without gimmicks and props, just natural beauty and simplicity. I came across Darryl's work courtesy of a friend that I met at antenatal classes, I immediately knew that his style was the exact style we'd hoped to find. Scarlett was now approaching 12 weeks into her new life so we weren't certain we would be able to get the 'money shot' in the style that I loved (Scarlett in our hands). Down to Darryl's patience and determination to help capture our beautiful girl, we got some super shots in the comfort of our own home, despite a couple of accidents with a naked newborn!! Seeing them on the camera screen they looked amazing, however seeing them at Darryl's house on his computer we realised that we had a difficult choice on our hands! Darryl expertly captured Scarlett in our hands and it has pride of place on the top of our landing, it receives so many compliments. Darryl also took another natural shot of Matt holding Scarlett, it was just beautiful and really portrayed her perfectly. Needless to say we also had that photograph printed and framed. Darryl edits and re-works the photographs to the highest standards, he really makes them a masterpiece. We are looking forward to capturing Scarlett on her journey of growing up through Darryl's camera lens as his work is simply perfect and different. Thank you Darryl, so glad we found you!

Rachel, Matt & Scarlett Lloyd

We first saw Darryl's work in Touchwood, Solihull on display and fell in love with the strong images of the children surrounded by space. They were really different from photos we had seen before and more like pieces of art. So we had to have all three of our children photographed. 

We are so pleased we did as each one shows their individual personality and our children really enjoyed the studio experience as Darryl shared it with them all the way along until he felt he had found the right image for his art and our liking and we now have everlasting images of our children to treasure. 

Darryl is a true professional and really easy to get along with which made the experience all the more enjoyable. 

Louise and Simon Blay

My heart melted when Henry was captured by Darryl in the most beautiful, photograph I have seen. I was so captivated I bought two and have them hanging in pride of place. I am now waiting impatiently for my collage which was real fun and just wished I had known Darryl when Henry was 10 days old. 

Sarah Cosgrove

Darryl produced a number of stunning images of our son Ben at his studio in Birmingham. The style of Darryl's work immediately grabbed our attention as it was very different from the usual portrait photography available.

It was a pleasure to work with Darryl because he's a great guy and made every effort to make us and most importantly Ben feel comfortable.

Choosing which images to have framed was agonising because we loved every one he'd taken. The final framed prints are beautiful and we will treasure them forever.

Suzanne Coulthurst

Absolutely loved the expression you achieved from Harrison. I can't believe you displayed his personality in one single shot. I have had it blown up on canvas- we love it. 

Hayley Middleton

Darryl has photographed both our children and we couldn't be happier with the end results.  He has created a timeless piece of art that will be on our wall for years to come.  If you're wanting a modern twist on the classic portrait use Darryl Thomas Photography.

Matthew & Becky Spring

We would like to say how pleased we are with the photographs that Darryl took of our daughter. He captured her personality through the lens and for us these pictures will be treasured always.

Gayle and Paulo